Play The First FUT Champs

With An Unfair team.

With our AI generated Chilled Coins lists you make 1,5M-2M Coins a month with only 20 minutes a day. Copy and paste our lists without any prior knowledge


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What is Chilled Coins?

Chilled Coins is based on the best trading method used by the best traders worldwide. 

We have combined all the processes and thinking and then automated it. 

Now all you have to do is enter your budget and you know what the best trader would do with it.

It's so easy, my 8 year old relative made 900K coins in just 20 days and he didn't even know what trading was. 

Honestly, I didn't think he could do it because he's not the smartest (sorry if you're reading this😂).

Fun fact: Some users told that their friends think that they have put a lot of money into FIFA after seeing their team. But they just used our Chilled Coins system.

If your friend had an extremely good team without investing a lot of money and time, he probably used our app but didn't tell you about it.

In other words:

We are your best friend when it comes to making coins.The only people who don't like us are EA and everyone who offers an overpriced trading group 🥲.

Don't worry, this is not a bot or anything that can get you banned.

It is basically trading but you have no idea why it works

The only thing you have to do to make coins:


Enter Your Budget

Our unique algorithm calculates the perfect list for you. 


Your Individual List

Your perfect list has been generated for you. Now buy the objects at the purchase price and list them at the displayed selling price.


Enjoy The Profits

Every hour, some of your players get sold. Enjoy the profits and realise how easy it is to make coins.

Imagine you have such a team

and paid only 10 bucks for it 👀

Okay hold on...

 I don't want to promise you that you will play with such a team after 30 days. I just wanted to show you what is possible...

On average our customers manage to get more than 1,5M coins a month. Still good for 10 bucks isn't it?

Daily Notifications

to know what's going on in the FUT market every day. We guide you through the FIFA jungle, you’ll never feel left alone.

There’s also Daily Updates with hot investment tips which you can use to make extra coins.

Our Chilled Coins system has already impressed you?

We are not a trading group, please never call us that. 

The Chilled Coins App is your all in one solution - your best friend for the EA FC 24 year.

Our app can do much more:

Club Import (manually):

Your whole club in one overview! 

With so many players in your club, it's easy to lose track. See immediately what your club is worth and if there are players in your club that have increased in value e.g. because of a SBC.


You want to buy a new player soon? 

Enter your desired players and track their prices directly in our app


You want to buy a new player soon? 

Enter your desired players and track their prices directly in our app

Profit Tracking:

What were your net profits today, this week or alltime? 

For the people who value real profits and don't want to see the falsified transfer profit. Enter your purchases and sales and see immediately how high your net profits are.

Squad Builder (Beta) :

Build your dream team and save it. 

See how many coins you are missing to your dream team and update your team again and again. Of course you can add players you already own. Our app shows you how many coins you are still missing



21 Days Mbappe Challenge

Start together from zero already on September 22nd with us

What would Mbappé cost if you bought him with FIFA Points?

With €100 you can get 140K coins on average.You would have had to invest 1109 euros in Points to be able to play with Mbappe after 8 days.

With us you won't have to pay even 1% of this amount!!!

Sign up and get an exclusive invitation to our app with a subscription price offer on September 1st.

Sign up very simply and be the first to get the chance to become a member and receive many bonus features on September 5.

10 days money back guarantee

I know you still have doubts. What if it doesn't work for you? Why would you trust us? How can you make coins so easily? We offer you our service because we stand behind it 100%. If you are not happy, then you get your money back. Write to us in the support section of the app and tell us why you are not satisfied and we will send you your money back.

FIAGO @Footy.base

  • 396K Follower
  • 471K Subscriber
  • 781K Follower

FIAGO @Footy.base

  • 396K Follower
  • 471K Subscriber
  • 781K Follower

FIAGO @Footy.base

  • 396K Follower
  • 471K Subscriber
  • 781K Follower

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  • You can easily cancel your subscription with a single message in our app. To do this, go to the support sector and write to us with your email address.
  • Yes, you get all the content for only €9,95/ month. There are no hidden costs or blocked content that would cost you more money.
  • No. You get all the content for only €9.95. Any new features that are added will automatically be included in your membership.
  • With us you trade indirectly by simply using the best trading method automated by Chilled Coins. It will cost you 20-30 minutes a day. We do all the thinking - you just have to execute it.
  • All the usual payment methods work for us (paypal, credit cards, etc...).
  • Your skepticism is just. Online, anyone can tell you a lot of things.

    Chilled Coins has been on the market for 2019 years. We had over 30,000 app users. and are partnered with major influencers.

    On top of that, we have a money back guarantee and you pay with the most secure payment methods so you can't go wrong. I hope this could help you
  • We are not a trading group. We are a platform to make coins easily. Your best friend and the only thing you need for your whole FIFA Season.
  • Yes, don't worry. With us you don't need any previous knowledge. You will be able to make coins at any time.
  • You can use our service 24/7. The time zones do not matter with us. Chilled Coins brings you coins around the clock.
  • No. You are not doing anything wrong. This is not a bot and not an autobuyer. You buy the players yourself and put them up for sale. This is normal trading ... chilled trading.



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